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shikamaru317 said:
EnricoPallazzo said:
Hey guys I never bought a console on release date, always like 6 months-12 months after release as it was impossible to find in my home country.
I now live in UK. I know that there are no pre orders available anymore. On release day, do they also send units for retailers that are not linked to pre orders or basically if you dont get a pre order you dont get a console? Looking to get an Xbox Series X or maybe a Series S.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do a non-preorder restock at release or shortly afterwards. There will definitely be a restock within a few weeks of release, especially for Series S units since MS will be expecting those to fly off the shelves as the Holiday shopping season goes into full swing, due to the attractiveness of the lower price tag with parents and grandparents looking for Christmas presents.

I'd expect weekly or stock every fortnight after launch MS are going to be flying in fresh off the production lines like Sony(we had confirmation of this) are and Nintendo did with the Switch then after Christmas let the supply stabilise as they get a supply chain going through sea transportation. Using air transportation isn't cheap though and with the Switch it estimated it to as $40-50 on every unit.