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I meant on my part lol. But yeah statistically, PS4 has a higher quality output compared to other platforms. This hasn't changed since their Sony's inception into the industry. A 4-1 ratio vs Xbox is pretty insane gulf mind. The thing is, historically Microsoft has never really supports their consoles for that long; with first party titles - especially in the latter years of a consoles life. About the holy trinity thing, idd.. unless you're really into those games there's not many other big exclusives from the green camp.

I definitely do see a shift in priorities with the Xbox division this generation though. They have already spent a huge amount of funds in buying studios and setting up this gen with a truckload of new IP's from Zenimax.

Tbh I haven't been too keen on Bethesda games this gen. I have to say, Elderscrolls is a big get for Xbox and potentially Starfield. I just hope they will let them do their own thing instead of making certain devs factories for IP's. They haven't had the best track record for acquisitions :P

And you're probably best off playing TES 6 on PC. Bethesda games are usually quite buggy at launch and mods are usually there to come save the day.

Last edited by hinch - on 16 October 2020