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Manlytears said:

why the @$#$3% some people here are comparing PS4 vs Switch? The generations for "the big three" are:

Dreamcast vs PS2 Vs Game cube Vs xbox > Ps2 won.
Ps3 vs Wii vs X360 > Wii won.
Ps4 Vs WiiU vs X1 > PS4 won.

You guys need to stop acting like wii U is "inexistent"... just adimit, Ps4 won the generation.

The switch is quite impressive. Gen 1, 7, 8, 9 - it can do it all.  It's power level is around 7(slightly more?)

It released around 8. But because the wii U bombed it is 9. Oh and its the first "real" handheld and console so gen 1.

But I never considered that people are arguing the switch is "beating" the ps4 but also possibly arguing it is gen 9. 

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