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Haven't been to a theater since, umm... Endgame, I think? Sure was a while ago. I did go to the theaters several times during that period, though, having gone to Detective Pikachu, Godzilla, and Endgame 3 times in a span of a month or so. Definitely haven't gone this year.

Jaicee said:

I enter the screening room. There's nobody there and nobody comes in. They literally screen the movie just for me. I get kind of teary-eyed somewhere along the line here at just the sight of the empty room. You can't help getting the feeling that you're supporting a dying institution. Although it's precisely the absence of other people that makes me feel perfectly safe to be there, the irony is that the sight always makes me nostalgic for the social experience of theater-going that's just gone now, maybe forever. It's just not there and it makes me sad.

I've been in nearly empty rooms before, it really is a weird experience. Going to the cinema isn't very strongly rooted in Brazilian culture I think, most rooms are usually half empty unless it's a big movie in its first couple of weeks. But still, I don't think I've ever been the one single person on any screening.

It is really sad for the cinemas, yeah. I get how this could be the beginning of the end, surely a lot of them won't be able to survive this, but I do hope that once the pandemic is truly over, they might regain some popularity. Watching movies at the theaters is a wholly different (and better) experience compared to watching them at home, and within the environment of home movies, streaming is the worst.

Don't even wanna imagine a world in which GotG Vol. 3 is released via streaming.

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