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KratosLives said:
ironmanDX said:

He presents his reasoning as older games and multiplats not being good enough and the game that is happens to be a remaster of a game on another older platform.

I wouldn't bother responding.

Name me one exlusive that should make everyone rush out and buy a series x on launch.  Buying a console for the sake of having it cause it's future proof is the funniest thing I heard. 

Launch week? Not much, unless you really like both Gears and XCOM and are therefore interested in Gears Tactics. But before the end of the year the first 2 episodes of Remedy's CrossFireX campaign and The Medium are set to release, one is a AAA exclusive and the other a AA, both are pretty cool. Maybe not huge system sellers, but Xbox doesn't need huge system sellers to sell out this Holiday, I mean the day one preorders sold out in less than an hour in almost every country, in less than 10 minutes in some countries. Consoles always sell out at launch, even Xbox One had the 3rd biggest console launch of all-time (only behind PS4 and Switch), and it had just about every factor imaginable going against it (higher price, weaker specs, negative PR from the poor reveal, etc.). And Series S should be huge this Holiday with parents and grandparents buying Christmas presents, thanks to it's low $300 price tag. MS just needs to get a system seller out in early 2021 to keep the sales strong into next year, be it Halo Infinite or something else. 

Also plenty of people buy for future proofing. I'm buying at launch mainly to get better graphics on the 3rd party multiplats like Cyberpunk, AC Valhalla, and Watch Dogs Legions, though I plan to play a few of the launch window exclusives on Gamepass as well.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 15 October 2020