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smroadkill15 said:

Is there no way they can make an external SSD that's usable? I'm not really a tech person so forgive me with my lack of knowledge. 

The thing with these SSD's is that they use a different type of connector. And currently on PC motherboards, those connectors are also internal, so people screw those SSD's in place. 

I'm not sure why these SSD's are not produced with an encasing and a cable so they can be connected like regular SSD's, but because they aren't, if you look for a mass market NVMe SSD to buy for your PS5 or XSX, it would undoubtedly have an exposed chipset.
So if Sony or MS had the connector on the outside of the console, then the mass market drives wouldn't really be viable, and you'd have to limit your choices to ones specifically designed to be connected externally with a protective encasing. Basically designed for the consoles (since they don't really seem to do that for PC yet), which would cost extra.

Another solution I can think of would be for the consoles to provide the external SSD enclosure, and you put the SSD inside of it.

Pemalite said:

Samsung has new SSD's on the market that are faster than the Playstation 5.

The PS5 SSD was described to process data at 5.5 GB/s decompressed, and 9 GB/s compressed.
I find no mention of difference in read/write speeds. If that means that they are the same, then the Samsung 980 Pro may not work in a PS5 because it is listed at 7 GB/s read, and 5GB/s write.
And I can't find any info on how it handles compressed data. So I'm guessing that's handled by the PS5's SSD controller perhaps?

If that's the case then the issue would be the Samsung drive's write speed being slightly below. Especially since Sony said we'd need NVMe drives a bit faster than the one in PS5 to make up for the difference in true priority levels, etc.

Last edited by Hiku - on 08 October 2020