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Wyrdness said:
Bandorr said:
The switch is amazing in that I think it's the only device that is constantly in every generation. The 9th is the one I disagree with most.
If it's considered a miracle that the system can play a game from early 8th generation - considering it 9th generation is hilarious.

That said probably Switch. Cheaper and more of a game base.

What are you on about? What multiplatform games a platform plays doesn't determine if a platform is in a gen or not.

What does then? The Switch is considered Gen 9 because The WIi U was a massive bust.

If they had back to back bust would the Switch have been Gen 10 then?

Why is the X1X not considered a new generation? The PS4 pro was barely an update but consider the original X1 and the X1X - huge difference.

What causes a generation change?

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