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vivster said:
Those political debates are just as stupid as "debates" of pundits on Fox News. It's all false equivalency. As if if one party is exactly as valid as the other and trying to debate from the same standpoint, which couldn't be further from the truth. All this does is give legitimacy to bottom feeders and loud minorities. As if being a racist is just as bad as being old. As if giving money to corporations is just as valid as giving money to the homeless.

The US is being ruled by a minority doing everything in their power to seem like a majority.

No, it's not false equivalency. It's called democracy.

You're not just questioning the legitimacy of right wing policies, you are implying that matching the two sides in a debate against each other and allow them to compete on an equal footing is unfair. You're implying that it somehow should be moderated from the top and that Trump should be shamed from the very start.

And you're not the only one. This is the problem of many in the radical left, how they believe they have the universal truth. To question the legitimacy of the mere existence of the other side. You can always oppress and accuse the opposition in the name of the greater good. The arc of history bends towards justice, and whoever opposes that is a racist, sexist or homophobe. If they could, they would even stop us from openly debating many topics.

The left, or at least the extreme left, regards immigration as a human right. It's a human right for anybody to move into the US and other Western nations. 

We give and give and give but all the other side does is demand even more. It never ends. White Americans are already a minority in the biggest states of the US, but it still wasn't enough for the left. We're now on path for white people to make up less than half the population in a generation or so, but conservatives are still being accused of being racist. 22% of public school students today in California are non-hispanic whites. This happened in only two generations. And yet the extreme left demands more. And the pressure is stronger and crazier than ever, with demands for racial justice, demands for equity, accusations of the US being systemically racist and white supremacist, obligatory racial sensitivity training being imposed in schools and public institutions.

I think it's totally surreal.

What's in it for us? Nothing. We are committing a slow suicide. This is why the right needs to wake up and realize that we can't give in to unreasonable demands all the time.

In what way is Trump racist? It's a ridiculous accusation. He is actually too soft like most of the Republican party. Future generations will ask, how on earth could our forebears allow us to become this tiny minority? For what? Nobody even thanked us. The only thing we heard was endless accusations of being racist. At least Trump acknowledges there is a problem. Appeasement doesn't work. You cannot give an inch without offering a fight, in every area. This will be one of Trump's biggest legacy, and he will show the way for future conservative leaders.

You come from Germany, Vivster. And Germany is in a similar situation as Sweden. Swedes are one of the most tolerant people on earth but our number one political topic nowadays is immigration and crime. The number one is crime, the number two is about cutting immigration. Even naive Swedes are starting to realize how we are losing our nation in front of our own eyes, how we are going from a once homogenous and peaceful nation and becoming a multicultural and divided nation like the US.