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Slimebeast said:
JWeinCom said:

Clearly you have not studied First Amendment jurisprudence. Freedom of speech means the government can't make laws restricting speech regarding matters of public concern. It means that when a company or an individual says something that another company or person feels is fucked up, they can say "that's fucked up and you shouldn't say it". And that company is free to either agree with them and stop saying it or say fuck you we're going to keep saying it. If the company feels pressured by public opinion to change their ways because they feel it will hurt their business that's what is called the free market. 

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want and nobody can say you're an asshole for it. The right to call someone an asshole for saying something is just as important as the right to say the thing in the first place. Criticism is not antithetical to free speech it's the whole damn point.

So for instance when Trump tells everyone to cancel their subscription to New York Magazine because he doesn't like what they're saying (I'm assuming that's part of what you mean by cancel culture) his right to call for cancelling things he doesn't like is part of Freedom of Speech. I don't know about you, but while I disagree with Trump calling for cancellation of things he doesn't like (in his capacity as a private citizen at least), I fully support his freedom to do so.

It's scary that the country who once embraced freedom of speech and was famous all over the world for it, has suddenly become the strongest force in the West to suppress diversity of opinion. Just a few decades ago we as Swedes saw America, that you venerate freedom of speech. You even allowed nazis to march openly because freedom of speech was so holy. Now it's the other way around, cancel culture is rapidly spreading from the US universities, Big Tech and HR departments to Sweden and Europe. US college after college is being taken over by the woke mob with critical race theory and intersectionality being enforced in all areas, from school bureaucracy, to the curriculum, to recruitment and hiring practices.

But isn't it an objective and decisive truth that Nazis are bad, and that their speech should be completely suppressed and cancelled?