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Conservatives: Trump will save us from cancel culture
"Fire Chris Matthews"
"Fire Vanity Fair staff"
"Boycott Glenfiddich"
"Boycott HBO"
"Boycott Rolling Stone"
"Boycott New York Magazine"
"Boycott Mexico" (seriously)
"Fire National Review staff"
"Boycott Univision"
"Boycott Macy's"
"Fire Fox News staff"
"Fire CBS staff"
"Fire MSNBC staff"
"Boycott Apple"
"Fire Wall Street Journal staff"
"Boycott Megyn Kelly's show"
"Boycott CNN"
"Boycott Harley Davidson"
"Boycott AT&T"
"Boycott Goodyear"

Tell me more about how our Lord and Savior Trump will save us from the evils of cancel culture...