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hinch said:

True, but launch titles usually are. But at least they tried. Microsoft put all their eggs in the basket for Infinite and that didn't quite work out.

I remember back in 2013 that there was so lots of people excited for those 3 titles as they were 'next gen' and gave you a look into them. Ryse was a benchmark in graphics for consoles and still looks great today. Granted that Gears 5 and Tactics are great games those are ports and there is Yakuza: Like A Dragon (which also looks great) there isn't a big (new) AAA launch with it that Xbox usually brings every gen.

PS4 launch was bad though, it launch with Killzone: Shadowfall which was 1st party and a new entry.

I can respect that too.  Ryse was definitely a looker and DR3's greater amount of zombies do carry a kind of 'next-gen' feeling that's tougher to find here without Halo Infinite.  I still think Xbone had the better launch lineup & 2014.  If they kept up the diversity that they had in '13-'14 they could've competed pretty well with Sony for whole gen.

Don't forget Knack! :P