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Captain_Yuri said:

There isn't much to do other than to watch the beauty and fly from one place to another. It's call Flight Sim for a reason but they could have added a lot more scenarios to have some interesting gameplay... Hell there isn't even any music. At least give me some Zen music instead of just hearing the engines scream.

I mean, you could always turn on music outside of the game, which is how pilots would do it anyway. The whole game is about realism, so that makes sense. Except for the part where, uh, I don't think pilots are allowed to do that while piloting. But I don't know.

As for the thread, ehh... It's kinda hard to me to think of crappy gameplay in a game I thought was pretty, because the two go hand in hand for me. There are games that are so pretty they kinda carry the gameplay, and a lot of games I think are pretty because I just like the game too much. But thinking about it for a bit, the one that comes to mind is BioShock: Infinite. I had never played a BioShock game in 2013 when a lot of people I knew were hyping this one up, so I gave it a shot. I remember setting everything to Ultra just for the heck of it, knowing it'd run like crap, then being amazed not only at how incredible the game looked, but also that somehow my PC was handling it quite well. The game had me hooked for the first 20 minutes, which is the prologue, and then the gameplay kicked in. Suddenly it turned into the most generic shooter, shoot everything and everyone, bam bam. I was expecting all of the shooting to end at some point with the story picking up or other aspects of gameplay showing up, but no, it was 1 hour, then 2 hours, of just straight up shooty shoot everything. I'm not exactly a fan of FPS games, so, yeah.

I have since tried out BioShock 1 for a bit at a friend's and enjoyed it a lot more, but didn't get into it enough to buy the game and play through the whole thing.