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How? Um, by picking a controller and playing.

When? Every day pretty much, it can range anywhere from 1 to 10 hours depending on how invested I am in a game at a certain time. I guess I have too much time. But generally it's close to the 1-2 hour mark.

Where? In my room, or occasionally a friend's living room.

Been doing mostly single-player these last few years, but I still play Smash competitively so that's a multiplayer aspect that isn't quite going away. But I've been shying away more and more from online play, so it's rare that I do multiplayer when at home.

Don't play with the family, nah. My parents aren't into games at all, and my brother's gaming tastes are very different to mine.

How *many* games each time... Generally just one or two at most, with maybe an extra "time-sinker" kind of game on top of it - that's any kind of game without a campaign, so the sort of stuff you just keep playing on and on. That game is usually Smash, but not always.

Lately all I've been playing is Ori, and beyond that, it's really all I've been thinking about. I'd been waiting for a sale or a GOG release, but to get it on the Switch was a beautiful surprise. Amazing game.