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src said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

You've lost a lot of money on the stock market haven't you? 

Are you another amateur investor?

Amazon, Tesla, Netflix have been some of most lucrative stocks all while following the same dominance model of thin or negative margins to achieve high revenue and therefore marketshare.

Agente42 said:

Ok. go to marketshare. 

Year marketshare? Switch wins

Japan market? Switch again.

Comparative market sales? Switch. 

Global Marketshare is revenue:

PS : around $20 billion

MS: around $10 billion

Nintendo : around $10 billion

Like I said. PS is dominating. Nintendo and MS can't even catch up at the rate they are going.

padib said:

PlayStation will end up losing its majority marketshare as Nintendo and Microsoft perpetually find new ways to come out on top, while Sony rests on its laurels long enough to lose their position once and for all. They will do good, but their rightful place is last in tie with Microsoft, as they are too reliant on 3rd parties who are already starting to lose their spice. On the VR side, other companies are much more relevant such as Valve and Occulus. The writing is on the wall for PlayStation. If you are investing in them, be prudent with your money. They will inevitably shrink in the coming generations 

PS4 exclusives outsell nearly every multiplat game on PS4 bar a handful of the most popular (GTA, COD, FIFA). You're living in 2010.

Nowadays PS is a first party powerhouse as well, with titles selling 10-20 million. This is all while getting the majority of third party sales.

PSVR is the best selling VR headset LOL

Remarkable how you were wrong on every statement and still had the confidence to give stock advice lmao

The PS exclusives sell proportionately to the username on its consoles, history proved that. What causes PS to have a large userbase is weakness on the part of its competitors, and 3rd party support in favor of PS. Both will disappear next gen so no amount of gloating over the PS4's success will make you right about the upcoming generation. Also, the sales of its 1st party IPs are doubtful going forward, since TLOU 2 is not trending like it's predecessor, Uncharted is closed so we're left with the lower-tier 1st party games with the exception of Spider man and few others. PS games only rarely ever reach 20m, the games typically sell at 13m and under. So I'm putting into question the powerhouse idea. Right now we can count on Spider Man, the Next Horizon, and maybe R&C for big sales, but other than that I am skeptical of your pov.

While PS4 VR might have outsold the others (I didn't check your missing sources), the main VR players are coming out with more and more games and are pushing it forward, making it so that with a solid library base that is non-generational and with big exclusives like half-life Alyx, it won't be long before PS VR becomes and afterthought like PS Move or the Eye Toy.

Also, if you look at the NPD thread, you will have trouble seeing Sony games appear there. Your handful of 3rd party games seem to be the majority on PS consoles and across platforms seem to capture more gamer interest than Sony 1st party games. This means that Sony still strongly depends on them.

Don't get upset at me for worrying about your own wallet. If I don't want you to lose money, I'm being serious.