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d21lewis said:
padib said:

At the risk of sounding dumb, have you tried unchecking "Request desktop site" in your mobile browser's settings?

What browser are you using and on what device?

Another qtn, do you see the Vgchartz Ltd at the bottom of the page? Do you see the link on your laptop/PC?

I'm using the "Free Adblocker Browser" from Rocketshield. Been using it for years. Something changed in the past couple of days. I actually am using the mobile version (switching to desktop is even smaller!) but everything is so small now and it's showing me things I used to only see in the desktop version. I have to zoom in and scroll to read text and when I reply, everything is so small that I can't even see what I'm writing. Quoting is fine.

It's still fine on my tablet. Nothing changed at all, there.

I use Android on both.

*Droid Moto Z Force and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Hey, I went to sleep ;) did you try just a regular browsing session on Chrome on your android smartphone? It could be the form factor or it could be the special browser. Is it giving the same result on both smartphones?