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You have all seen Microsoft's bombshell move with the Xbox Series S at 299$ at launch, and at 25$ per month, with gamepass included, over a 2-year contract.

Given Sony's recent PR reaction, and our intuition, it looks like this move is very promising for Microsoft, and can cause the dymanics of the competition to change. Indeed, with this move, Microsoft could easily come out the winner during launch against the Sony PS5, since the Playstation typically trumps MS with exclusives and better overall value. Now with MS taking over the overall value aspect, esp. at launch when exclusives are scarce, they may gain enough marketshare to gain strong momentum throughout the gen, add to that their push of more exclusives with the purchase of new Studios, and we are gearing up for a big next gen between Sony and MS. It's going to be bloody.

On another competitive plane, we have LG releasing the LG Wing. This new Smartphone form factor allows for a dual-screen setup that works much like the DS did: with a widescreen display atop, and a smaller near-square screen below.

This form factor shows a lot of promise in usability, and may give LG more strength to compete against Samsung in the smartphone space. (Samsung is currently at around 25% while LG is at 12%)

While the power change prospected above are uncertain, I invite you to a question: what do you think about competitive moves which, rather than being a change in power due to an error on one player (like PS3, or X1 respectively), but instead are due to some cool move played by the competitor to change the balance of power.

Have any of you seen this in video game platforms, games, or other markets?

Last edited by padib - on 19 September 2020