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Runa216 said:
Nate4Drake said:
Most probably Day One or within a month from Launch.

Best of luck, my man. I feel kinda bad having succeeded at getting a preorder when so many others have not. It's weird. I earned it, I did the work, I waited in line, I whored myself out to afford it, so I deserve it, but seeing all the people who want it and can't get it actually makes me feel kinda bad. Like others would appreciate it more. 

It's a weird feeling. 

Yeah I get that. I'm sitting on two (maybe). The gamestop one I worked for as far as refreshing goes.  Multiple monitors, constantly checking twitter videogamedeals/wario64. Lots of refreshing etc etc.  And seconds before I go to bed I check twitter and go to amazon. 5 seconds later I get an easy pre order.

So I may have two depending on what "awaiting product availability" means.I don't need two. so I will probably cancel one.  I feel kinda guilty about cancelling one. But no one I know even uses a PlayStation.

You are bound to love Earthbound.