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JWeinCom said:
dx11332sega said:

Few days ago a fat rat entered our home though our garage don't know why in 10 plus years this happens first time . Well, my mom put them sticky trap thing and did not know the rat was pregnate gave birth to babies and one of them got trapped from it's back side my mom asked me to kill it i was not strong enough to kill a baby rat and so my mom threw it away the baby rat in a bag still making noise she says she doesn't want to live with rats . and I'm saddened to do anything if more baby rats get trapped in those sticky things . what should I do?

See if you can convince your family to buy these. Traps the rat without killing it, so then you can release them somewhere else.

Only real option besides killing them. But, if they are trapped in glue traps, killing them is far more humane than leaving them to suffer.

My mom has one for the mom but the trap has big holes it's exactly like that that just cant find a smaller one for the babies and yes its the glue trap

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