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So with today's reveal we have the PS4 Pro and PS5 Digital having the exact same official price... this is just wrong... that's how inflated those PS4 prices are!

The bare minimum Sony should do is a $100 price cut on both the PS4 and Pro so they would be a $100 ladder from PS4 to PS4P to PS5D to PS5 ($200, $300, $400, $500), but even so, the Series S makes the Pro really obsolete as it is, it needs to be cheaper than it, IMO.

Sony should slash an extra $50 from the Pro and have 200/250 for eight gen and 400/500 for ninth gen.

PS4 sales have already dropped really hard and if they don't do this it will dead by the time the PS5 launches in two months... so much for making cross gen games to a console nobody will be buying anymore!

What do you think?