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IcaroRibeiro said:

The most interesting thing on this report is how they acknowledge their success during DS and Wii era stating they build a strong public relationship since then

While completely ignored their history before 2004 as if NES, SNES and Game Boy were never a thing, or at least not saying those consumers as fundamental part of their current customers and userbase

It's kinda like if we had 2 Nintendos, a Nintendo before and after DS and somewhat they think Switch users are mostly DS/Wii users, or at least more alike DS/WI users than older systems

I actually don't know if I like the idea of their IPs beginning to be multimedia products. From commercial point of view is the best thing they can do, just look at the monster multi media franchise Pokemon has become. I don't know a single soul who can't recognize Pikachu, must be by far the most famous fiction character in the world (well, unless you see Jesus as fictional)

However this multimedia status gave Pokemon franchise a very tight calendar to work on, when everything in the games is heavily attached with a whopping number of products from anime series, to movies, to merchan, toys and whatnot and since game business is not even the majority of profit Pokemon got why put any effort in the games in first place? Game Freak will probably never increase their unbelievably low number os employees working in each mainline title, they don't need to, they are comfortable with their current production

Let's just hope it's not the future for other IPs

Sounds like you skimmed the PDF. They didn't talk about their overall strategy prior to the 2000s because under the reins of Hiroshi Yamauchi they weren't open about these things to the same degree. However, they fully acknowledged their consumers from before the 2000s, talking about how they've become adults, then parents and even grandparents by now. Hence the "maintain consumer trust across generations." Besides, NES, SNES, GB, Wii and DS users are a lot alike, so Nintendo's oldest fans don't need to feel slighted to begin with.

Your concern regarding IP use outside of video games is much the same. Nothing in the PDF hints at IP exploitation and overuse, rather it's the exact opposite.

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