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Cerebralbore101 said:
RolStoppable said:


The first major goalpost moving that occured is that the thread changed from "Nintendo has no physical games scheduled for release" to "Now that they have a few games scheduled for release, let's find something else to complain about and pretend that this thread continues to have legitimitacy."

You want to be seen as rational, yet you finish your post with further goalpost moving by including a Square-Enix published game on a Nintendo list. It's bad enough that some people want to count mere publishing duties as a Nintendo game (that would be Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default 2), but you take the leap to include The World Ends With You which Nintendo has nothing to do with. Furthermore, you added the digital-only Pokémon Quest.

What's even more puzzling is your comment about four new exciting Sony games for the PS4 in 2020. What are they? I can assume that you include Dreams which flopped, so why should that be counted as an exciting game; talk about hyperbole. Then there's The Last of Us 2 which was met with a mixed reception by gamers, hence why this June release has dropped out of the PSN's top 20 list in both North America and Europe by August already; the game sold well as long as the hype lasted and that was it. Ghost of Tsushima is a game that meets the criteria of new and exciting, but what's the fourth game? The yearly MLB game? The reason why Sony can have those games in the last year of the PS4 is because they took longer than expected to finish.

But aside from goalpost moving, another popular tactic is the double standard where one company (Nintendo) will be blamed for everything while another one (Sony) will be played up as doing great when both Dreams and The Last of Us 2 weren't meant to be 2020 games to begin with and only ended up there due to mismanagement. There's no reason to be impressed by Sony's 2020 output.

Rol you are treating the thread as if it was a prediction thread, with the prediction that Nintendo would have zero new releases for the rest of 2020. But it wasn't that as evidenced by this part of OP's post...

I realize that there's a good chance this will be remedied by the end of the month. If nothing else, their fiscal year is ending and they'll want to brag about their slate and Xenoblade seems like it's already been rated in some territories so it's probably coming soonish. But I wanted to mark this strange moment in time.

So OP acknowledges that Nintendo will likely have a release in Xenoblade HD, but the thread was predicting that Nintendo would have no releases in 2020? That just doesn't make any sense. The OP makes a lot more  sense when taken as OP showing general dismay at Nintendo's overall 2020 output, and communication with fans.

TWEWY Final Remix was published by Nintendo outside of Japan, which means Nintendo did in fact have something to do with it. Whether a game is digital or physical doesn't matter. All that matters is that the game was released in 2018. But I do understand your complaints. And that's my point. We can be rational, only including new non-toy, non-free, developed games by Nintendo, or at the very least containing a Nintendo IP, or being a 2nd party offering. Or we can throw reason to the wind, and start including basically anything and everything. The funny thing is that using either method shows 2018 to be far superior to 2020. My argument is a dilemma style argument.

1. Either we can can include only non-toy, non-free, games developed by Nintendo, or at the very least containing a Nintendo IP, or being a 2nd party offering.

2. Or we can include virtually every game under the sun.

3. If we use method 1. 2018 has a better lineup.

4.If we use method 2 2018 still has a better lineup.

5. Therefore 2018 has a better lineup.

I already made a post naming the four games that Sony has for 2020, and no, I didn't say they were all for PS4. Sales aren't the be all and end all of whether a game is exciting or not. Earthbound, Musha, and a ton of other 16 bit games never sold well, but are now highly sought after, and emulated. Animal Crossing took longer than expected to finish as well. You can't use delays at one company to dismiss games, but ignore the delays of another company.

I haven't treated this thread as a prediction at any point. This thread used to have a lot more support when it still had merit (0 or only 1 Nintendo game dated for release), but since the Mario Direct said support fell mostly apart. The following announcement of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity sealed the deal for even more people. Now that the thread has lost its merit for good with several Nintendo games dated for release, it's basically just you and the original poster who try to frame the thread as something that it was never to begin with. It's now supposed to be a very general thread that serves as spot to complain about something Nintendo did or didn't do. I already told NightlyPoe that I'd prefer a new thread that is on topic because at least that would be honest instead of what we have in here.

Turns out that I misremembered the publishing of The World Ends With You, but as I said a few times before, I wouldn't count any third party games towards Nintendo's output. Which in turn means that the currently for 2020 scheduled Bravely Default II won't change anything for the evaluation of Nintendo in 2020 either.

Regarding double standards and being rational about comparisons, note that I said there's no reason to be impressed by Sony's 2020 output and at the same time I did not make any claims that there's something impressive about Nintendo's 2020 output. The point I was making is that you should be honest about a Nintendo vs. Sony 2020 comparison and you obviously weren't.

If Nintendo's output were comparable to Sony's, you can bet that this thread would have got a lot more support. First party software droughts, uninteresting releases (Dreams, the seventh PS4 version of MLB), a very divisive sequel (The Last of Us Part II), a DLC derived from a PS4-level game sold as standalone game as the major PS5 launch title (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), an Astrobot title that Sony doesn't dare to charge for, leaving Ghost of Tsushima as the only standout title in 2020. But not only will Nintendo have released more games than Sony in 2020, Switch owners will have also been more pleased with the offerings than PS4 and PS5 owners. That is why you won't see much support for your side in this thread, because the vast majority of discussion in here was always about subjective perceptions and as soon as someone who was discontent saw something pleasing, they abandoned the thread.

On one hand it's good to see that people hold Nintendo to a higher standard than Sony, but on the other hand people need to keep it real.

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