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That movie is truly sick. Saw some clips of it on twitter, and read the posts of all the controversial scenes, and they are not ok, no matter how well intentioned the movie might have been originally. If the intention was to highlight the modern cultural problem that causes young kids to grow up too fast, as the director claims, that message could have easily been driven home without showing straight up child pornography on screen like an 11 year old girl showing her breast on screen, among many other highly controversial scenes in the movie, the point could have been driven home in a far less controversial matter if that was the intention. Everybody involved with that production is a sicko, from the parents of the 600 girls who let their 11 year old daughters audition for the movie by twerking, to the parents of the chosen 4 girls who continued to let their daughters act in the movie as they saw what was being filmed, to the production crew, to the executives at Netflix who got the rights to the movie and marketed it.

The fact that Netflix still hasn’t removed it in spite of the trailer they released last month having the most dislikes and worst like/dislike ratio of any video on the Netflix YouTube channel ever, in spite of multiple petitions with over a million signatures between them, or in spite of their stock dropping 20 points the day the movie released, tells you everything you need to know about Netflix’s executives. I haven’t cancelled my sub yet, but if the movie is not removed soon I may cancel my sub temporarily, at least until new seasons of Netflix shows that I like are released, months from now.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 15 September 2020