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Shaunodon said:

I just got both these lists out at the last minute and haven't read all the rules yet. Please let me know if I need to fix anything.

Everything is correct.

You don't need to highlight your predicted winners in bold. Somebody did that on the first page and a couple others followed, but it's not necessary.

The rules are a huge post first and foremost for me to point at just about every possible instance and be able to say that it's clearly defined what happens if this or that happens. The things you need to know for the weekly picks:

1. The template for each given week's picks will be located in the second post of the thread. I'll update it in time.

2. You enter 1, 2 or T (for a tie if you are crazy enough to predict one) to make your picks. Getting the SNF game correct yields a small bonus, so it's worth giving that one an extra thought. This week it's Cowboys vs. Rams.

3. You can change picks for any given game as long as it isn't past the respective kickoff time yet. Do it with a new post though, because I won't check old posts for edits. Best way is to quote your initial post and clearly state what you want to have changed.

That's basically it for the next four months. Afterwards it's playoff time, but I have yet to determine this year's playoff format and will explain it in detail in four months when we move on to that stage of the prediction league.

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