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Manlytears said:

Let's call it "PS Ultimate", a merge of PSPlus and PSNow.
Here is the deal in 4 basic points.

1. The price does not change, same value as PS Plus.
2. PS Plus does not give free games every month, instead it gives access to all PS Now games, download and play.
3. Users of other platforms pay the current price of PSNow, "PS Ultimate", merger of PSPlus and PSNow, is exclusive for PS5 users.
4. PS Ultimate users can use PSnow from any PC, the only limitation is that only one device can be active at a time. Ex: If you are logged into the PC, it is not possible to log into the playstation account, the opposite also applies.

Is this a good deal?

At this point it would just be dropping PS+ and having PSNow the requirement for online.

The issue is that PSNow is not available in most of the regions Sony covers. That would be the first step. 

But yeah, if this happened I would of course favour it. Though I don't see it happening anytime soon. While Sony is working at making PSNow better, it won't be what it can be until the market changes in favour of subscriptions over the more traditional method of sales that Sony (and Nintendo) favour.