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The latest PS3+X360 (7th gen) vs PS4+X1 (8th gen) gap chart was posted by trunks today. The article calculated the 7th gen at 173.2M total combined sales, and the 8th gen at 162.2M, with an exact difference of 12.04M. With the X1 almost phased out,  PS4 already at 113M units sold, selling on average 1M units per month in 2020, the fierce market adoption of the Switch in America and Japan, and with the upcoming launch of the PS5 in November, do think the 8th gen will end up beating the 7th gen for PS and XB combined?

If yes when do you think it will happen?

FWIW, PS2+XB did about 182 million combined. (Thanks @zorg1000)

Last edited by padib - on 10 September 2020