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eva01beserk said:
How Are people saying $300 is a good price? Thats crazy high for what it offers. People are expecting a $400 ps5 digital. If thats the case this console is ridiculous overpriced. The only way I see this as a good price is if the ps5 digital is $500 and the seiries x and regular ps5 are $600, wich I very much doubt that would be the case.

I don't think that $300 is too high for a console that can play all next-gen games at 1080p. To put it into perspective, Nintendo is currently charging $300 for Switch, a console that plays current gen games at about 720p when docked, Series S is designed to play next-gen games at 1080p with graphics setting parity with Series X and PS5. It supposedly can play last gen games at Xbox One X settings through BC. 

It only becomes too high if digital PS5 actually is $400, and I've always been somewhat dubious that Sony is willing to take a loss to hit that price. The bill of materials on PS5 is reportedly in the high $400's range with Sony needing to sell at $500 to break even after the shipping costs and retailer cut. $450 digital seems far more likely than $400 currently, and that gives Series S a $150 price advantage. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 07 September 2020