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Shikamo said:

Well, the rumor about Shenmue is true.

Interesting, he predicted this anime announce a week ago. Dusk Golem truly seems quite reliable to me honestly, he has gotten many leaks right over the last few years, especially about capcom stuff. Saddens me that fanboys tried to slander him a few weeks back when he said that his sources told him that Capcom was struggling to hit native 4K in Res 8 on PS5 but hit it easily on Series X. Didn't realize he was the one behind the Monster Hunter Switch leak, pretty safe bet that is for real then.

Also, PS5 having an event first half of the month means there's a good chance that Sony will finally end the price tag chicken war they were having with MS by announcing PS5 pricing. Worth noting that the MS Xboxing day event where they are expected to announce Series S and reveal S and X pricing is also in September, seems like we'll finally know pricing for both consoles by the end of the month.