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I guess Daedalic finally realized why there are very few multiplat next-gen exclusives in the first year of a new console generation. Unlike 1st year console exclusives, which get a sales boost thanks to their exclusivity usually, multiplats tend to sell nowhere near as well on next-gen in the first year of a new generation due to the limited install base, which makes it very difficult to turn a profit on a AAA release, so most multiplat publishers release their AAA's as cross-gen games for the first year of a new console generation. The Switch version being added is a bit strange though, they're downgrading a game that was designed from the ground up for PS5/Xbox Series/PC all the way down to Switch level, that has got to be expensive. I hope Switch fans actually buy the port so that they don't lose big money on it.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 28 August 2020