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OneTime said:
Eh? What's the point of publishing a letter on Twitter? If they've got a contract, they should call their law firm and sue. If they don't have a contract, then they should call their law firm.... and sue their law firm instead.

There's 101 disputes in business. That's why we have contracts and courts to adjudicate. There's no point crying on social media.

If you read it, you would see that there was already a lawsuit, and the judge declared that the contract could be terminated by Frogwares, after Nacon tried to block the termination of the contract under a special French Covid-19 business protection law. The letter is to explain the whole dispute with Nacon and explain to fans why the game has been delisted from most digital storefronts. Frogwares is currently speaking with the digital storefront owners in order to convince them that they have the rights to the Sinking City IP, not Nacon, and that they can self-publish the game, and they had to ask to have the game removed from those stores temporarily so that Nacon wouldn't steal any more of their money than they already have.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 25 August 2020