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TLDR version: Big Ben Interactive/Nacon treated Frogware, the developer of The Sinking City and the Sherlock Holmes games, like absolute shit, especially in regards to The Sinking City. Frogwares signed a deal with Nacon to fund the game in exchange for publishing rights, under the condition that they be allowed to maintain ownership of the Sinking City IP. The problems started almost immediately, their funding payments were all massively late in spite of Frogwares meeting all development milestones on schedule. Then Nacon bought out the developer of a competing Lovecraftian game and demanded that Frogware give them Sinking City's source code, and tried to strongarm Frogwares into giving them the Sinking City IP. Nacon refused to give them sales forecasts for the game, so they had no idea how much money to expect which made planning for their future difficult. Then the game released and Nacon tried to not pay them at all, forcing Frogwares to file a lawsuit with them. Then Nacon finally started paying them, but the income reports were incomplete and poorly documented, making it difficult to tell if Nacon was paying the proper amount or trying to cheat them. Nacon designed the boxarts and digital store listings of The Sinking City to hide Frogwares name and make it look as if Nacon owned the IP. Nacon lied and told them that one of the 3 console makers withheld digital royalties on the game for 5 months, even though Frogwares was still getting the royalties from their Sherlock Holmes games directly from that console manufacturer during those 5 months. Nacon bought out domain names for the Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes games in a continued effort to strongarm Frogwares. Nacon created a free tabletop RPG for The Sinking City, which they didn't have permission to do since they didn't own the Sinking City IP. The list of offenses goes on and on. Ultimately, Frogwares finally decided to end their contract with Nacon, and the game has temporarily been removed from digital storefronts while Frogwares is trying to prove to the storefront owners that they own the IP and not Nacon, so that a new Frogwares self published listing on those stores can be made. 

Even shorter version: Nacon sounds like the scum of the Earth. This is as bad as what Take-Two's Private Division label did to the developers of Kerbal Space Program. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 25 August 2020