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Super Mario Odyssey was released in fall 2017 and shipped 18.06m copies by June 30th 2020. What are your lifetime sales expectations?

Here is the game's sales progression. Quarter ending, followed by quarterly shipments/LTD sales:

December 2017 - 9.07m/9.07m
March 2018 - 1.34m/10.41m
June 2018 - 0.76m/11.17m
September 2018 - 1.00m/12.17m
December 2018 - 1.59m/13.76m
March 2019 - 0.68m/14.44m
June 2019 - 0.50m/14.94m
September 2019 - 0.44m/15.38m
December 2019 - 1.21m/16.59m
March 2020 - 0.82m/17.41m
June 2020 - 0.65m/18.06m


Bonus question: Which style of 3D Mario do you expect to see in the second all-new 3D Mario game on Switch? The open approach of Super Mario 64, the more linear approach of Super Mario Galaxy, or the Super Mario 3D Land style? Or do you not expect a second all-new 3D Mario game on Switch to begin with?

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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