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Personally, there is no contest, Gotham Knights looks way better, and I say this as someone who doesn't really like DC all that much and way prefers Marvel. One is a proper singleplayer game with 2-4 player co-op capability, the other is a full on GaaS game that is built around co-op to start with. Then there is the bullshit Spider-Man playstation exclusivity on Avengers. And the cherry on top of the cowpie that is Avengers? It is preventing me from getting the next Deus Ex game and the next Tomb Raider game. I really hope that Avengers flops so hard that Square Enix will let Eidos go back to making Deus Ex and let Crystal Dynamics go back to making Tomb Raider, but I doubt it, they paid alot for that Marvel deal and there are already rumors that Square has them working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game in addition to the years worth of planned Avengers DLC. RIP Deus Ex and Tomb Raider, you will be missed :'(

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 22 August 2020