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Blood_Tears said:
trunkswd said:
I've adjusted our figures to be closer to NPD's in July. Not exact as 17k for the Xbox One is too low for what we've been seeing. But we now have them around 40,000. Xbox One sales were also adjusted down in the rest of the world. Switch and PS4 sales were adjusted down slightly in the US, Canada, and Latin America for the last couple of months.

Nice work on the adjustments Trunks.  I can imagine it’s difficult to stay on top of accurate numbers these last few months with how crazy the world is right now and I have never given you enough credit for doing that. So thanks for that and sorry for being an ass sometimes on here.

This has been harder than the holiday season to make our figures as accurate as possible. That is one of the reasons we label our figures as estimates. Our algorithm wasn't seeing as big of a boost in sales as there actually was and as we saw in July it didn't see as big of a drop as there actually was. Especially for the Xbox One. 

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