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Ka-pi96 said:
mZuzek said:

"Factual prices".

Yeah, no shit, handpick a specific digital game that just released vs. any older physical game on sale and you get those prices. You could do the same thing the other way around, would be a lot easier since digital games go on sales quite often on most platforms and generally have far lower prices than not-used physical games.

I didn't pick a specific game. That's the default price of all new releases. Full priced games start at £45 in a shop or £60 on PSN etc. That's been the case for pretty much the whole generation.

Speak for yourself then, because that's not the case everywhere in the world and certainly not on every platform either.

For example, if I wanted to buy Xenoblade Chronicles for the Switch, the digital version costs R$250 here. Physical copy, the cheapest I found is at R$330. These prices are pretty much standard for nearly every Switch game. And yeah, the Switch tends to have higher prices because of it not being an official thing in these parts, but when looking at prices for just about every game at launch, the cheapest physical version you can find is the same price as the digital one, at best.

Also, Steam.