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JRPGfan said:
RolStoppable said:

All because of Epic's greed.

This is clearly a "wrong" move by apple.
Two wrongs dont might a right type of thing.

Apple should get sued, if they had allowed mobile devs to make games for iOS but now are just getting banned because they used unreal engine.
Without any valid reason given to them. Broken contracts, or even just the legality of dictating to devs, what tools they can and cannot use.
That could be a legal battle in itself for apple.

Also if your trying not to look like some evil overlord thats a monopoly.... this is not how you do it.

Epic will lose access to Apple's tools which means that Epic cannot provide updates to their Unreal Engine for iOS anymore, let alone provide an entirely new version of Unreal Engine for iOS. All this means is that Unreal Engine gets locked in time which will make it eventually outdated for developers who seek to make games for iOS, so developers might be looking for a different engine.

Unreal Engine games that are already on Apple's store or are still in development are not affected by Apple's move. Apple is only targeting Epic here.

EDIT: Actually, there are Unreal Engine games that will be taken down in case that Epic loses their license on August 28th: All of Epic's own games, so not just their Fortnite will be gone.

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