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CGI-Quality said:
RolStoppable said:

What I said is that you have the urge to control absolutely everything and it will be hard to argue otherwise when you first didn't maintain a head mod trifecta (no promotion for any mod to fill the empty head mod spot that Miguel left) and later on demoted the remaining head mod to make yourself the sole head mod.

A few blatant lies that need correcting...

A) When Miguel left, Ryuu and I were both Head Mods. Ryuu had some stuff happen in that time (away from VGC) and needed to step down (we even had a thread that highlighted this change) - ironically, one of the only moderator threads that you didn't participate in.
B) The closure of The Moderator Thread was 100% a team decision 

So I'm going to put this nicely, stop letting your conspiracies run wild. And yes, I'm stepping it up to a warning now. 

Already addressed the misunderstanding in my response to Ryuu.

The subsequent question is why there was no need for a second and third head moderator anymore. I won't speculate on it, because you said I shouldn't. Straight-forward question that can be expanded to will we see a return of a second or even third head moderator in the foreseeable future.

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