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RolStoppable said:
CGI-Quality said:

We know some people don't agree with The Moderator Thread's closure and that's fine (as with the previous, people didn't agree then either). They don't have to. 

But, @RolStoppable 

You tend to push conspiracy theories and this often leads to further issues we face. I get the idea of "sticking it to the man", but it does more harm than good and that is a problem. I generally don't entertain it because there are much bigger things to deal with that mods (and admins) have to deal with, but sometimes, it just gets to be too much and you know this. Plus, this idea that the head mod "works on his own" is considerably false, but like I said, I generally try not to entertain conspiracy theories.

So, simply put, not everything is a "conspiracy" and we're not going to turn this into a "why The Moderator Thread was closed". That isn't to say that you cannot inquire (though what was said in that thread covers just about everything), but not in here.

What I said is that you have the urge to control absolutely everything and it will be hard to argue otherwise when you first didn't maintain a head mod trifecta (no promotion for any mod to fill the empty head mod spot that Miguel left) and later on demoted the remaining head mod to make yourself the sole head mod.

He didn't demote me, I stepped down for reasons unrelated to VGChartz.