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theRepublic said:
padib said:

To understand the importance of supporting an existing machine, you have to look at examples in the past that did it succesfully. Those we have are the PS2 and the Game Boy, these existed side by side in parallel with a new generation, and sold well for a long time. The success of these consoles solidified the respective company's presence in the market. The Wii, at the volume of sales that it made, was such a potential for that form of execution.

That's not true of the PS2 at all.  The PS3 had a disastrous launch.  The PS2 being successful did absolutely nothing for the follow up console.

I'm, like, not at ALL talking about the PS3's performance. I'm talking about the performance of the PS2.

If I did want to talk about the PS3, it's easy to imagine that the PS brand would have done even worse had all support for PS2 plumetted and everything focused on the PS3, which had, as you said, a disastrous launch. 

@Soundwave, stop agreeing with people just because they're disagreeing with me. The reply to me had nothing to do with what I said.