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Soundwave said:

Go look at 360 vs Wii NPD pre-Kinect and post-Kinect. MS starts to win almost every month. What a magical coincidence don't you think? 

There is no king of motion gaming because it's an idea that can be copied. It's like saying Nintendo was the king of brain training ... this is an idea now that has been copied in so many shovelware apps on smartphones and online websites that it's really not special. 

Switch won't have this problem though because you can't copy a portable console with a full blown software ecosystem (no half assing it like Vita) as a concept very easily. 

Anyone can make a brain training/brain teaser game or a sports compilation with bowling. The Sony bowling one was pretty much as good as the Wii Sports one from what I remember, the tennis was better. 

Is PS the king of "core" (read maintstream adult) console gaming?

Let's not kid ourselves, Nintendo had a massive lead and advantage over the other two. Like I said, they let it slip, let's just admit what happened.

Still it's really funny how you use a rule for one thing and not for the other. If it could (UNLIKELY) happen for Wii, then it could potentially happen for Switch.

That's the strange thing about talking sales, is that people always rest on assumptions.

Last edited by padib - on 10 August 2020