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GrahfsLament said:
CGI-Quality said:

While I get your enthusiasm, I have to disagree. For one, features of Uncharted 4 stand toe-to-toe with it (especially character models). Next, the other games you mentioned all have aspects that exceed Horizon in a way that will ensure they won’t look dated anytime before it does. Art is one thing. The technical side of Horizon, while still marvelous, falls short of God of War and I won’t even mention Metro.

I say just enjoy the accomplishment the game achieved at the time. Its clean aesthetic is great on its own.

I respectfully have to disagree with the bolded. I played these games back to back (H:ZD immediately followed by GoW), 100%ing both of them on the same PS4 Pro on the same TV. While GoW definitely has better looking/more detailed character models/animations, it seems to have much lower resolution reflections/lighting/special effects. As I'm playing it, I can see the dithering (or whatever it's called on modern machines) in all of the energy blasts, fire, reflections on the water, etc. All energy and particle effects appeared much smoother in H:ZD to my eyes. Also, the LOD/draw distance was more impressive in H:ZD. GoW seems much quicker to sub in 2D assets, relying on flatter skyboxes more readily, as opposed to H:ZD's willingness to render things in 3D much further out. At least that's how it all looked to me.

Eh, nah. I stand by that original statement from 2 years ago. God of War is a more technically sound game, even if Horizon has its advantages.