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John2290 said:
Hiku said:

I don't think that necessarily means you're going deaf. Some people have diminished hearing, and they can use hearing aids to help them with that.

I was about to recommend you to go check this with a doctor, but before I did that I clicked your profile to make sure you don't like in USA. (Because potentially insane bills.) Then I realized how messed up that is.

Anyway, you seem to live in the UK, so go see a doctor.

But due to Covid, I'd suggest getting something like this first before you visit the hospital.

Oh, fuck yeah. Covid. It'll be a while that I get this seen too. Agh, I'll be fine for the moment, I could feel the vibrations so It's not gonna get me in any dangerous trouble for the moment. 

You'd only get a referral to a consultant (and thus a trip to the hospital) if it's something so serious your GP can't deal with it (in which case you will have made 100% the right decision to have gone to your GP sooner rather than later).

And no you really don't need a face guard to go to your GP or the hospital, that's so overkill and would look ridiculous; even the vast, vast majority of hospital staff aren't wearing those (covid wards being an exception, of course, but you wouldn't be going anywhere near one), just masks and gloves. 

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