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I don't see why they should be counted separately. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were counted alongside base PS4 and base XB1, and the power gap between Series S and Series X is reportedly comparable to the power gap between base Xbox One and Xbox One X. Microsoft is moving into a cycle of selling families of consoles instead of a single console. Xbox Series is the name of this upcoming generation of the Xbox family. MS may choose to give us individual sales information for Series S and Series  X, or they may choose to give us sales for the Xbox Series as a whole, or they may give us no official hardware sales numbers at all like they have been doing with Xbox One the past few years. Either way, I see no reason why VGC should track Xbox Series S and Series X separately.

A scenario where MS sells 30m of each seems highly unlikely to me, if XB1 and XB1 X are anything to go by, the cheaper Series S will sell several times as many consoles as the more expensive Series X. 30m Series X sold would honestly be pretty good for MS, as they would probably sell at least twice as many Series S units alongside that, or 90m total. I'm sure MS would be quite pleased with Xbox Series selling 90m compared to PS5 selling 120m, that would be a far better ratio than this gen.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 09 August 2020