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curl-6 said:
padib said:

Yes, but the game must be developed independently for both if the gap is too big, I thought I clarified that to you when I quoted the japanese dev, and you also know that apps can only be supported up to a certain version of smartphones unless they are upgraded. As the gap gets greater, so does the ability of software to stay compatible on all machines.

Anyway, here is the quote I was looking for:

Last slide here:

I get what you're saying, but even with a full generational leap, cross-gen game development is already standard practice during transitions. We'll see tons of games over the next year that run on both PS4/Xbone and PS5/XSX.

From Nintendo's perspective, all they need to do is make Switch software, NNID, etc carry over seamlessly to Switch 2.

I think we will just have to agree to disagree for now. At this time I just don't feel there's enough evidence to say with any confidence that their plan is to adopt the smartphone model.

Okay, let's agree to disagree it's a good idea. Just remember that while many late PS4/Xbone games will run on PS5/XSX, these would typically need to be ported, except on Xbox for those games leveraging MS's new Smart Delivery system, which is made to make 1 game work on all platforms (here X1 and XsX). The amount of effort is significantly reduced because it allows to make only 1 game rather than 1 game and a next-gen port. Similarly, with the new model (I shouldn't even really call it a smartphone model), a game would only be made once, and runable everywhere if the architecture is made by Nintendo. Since Nintendo went on record to plan for this (per my links), we know that it will come in one shape or form. But how big the gap will be, nobody knows and there I'll be glad to say let's wait and see.

Also, Nintendo has trolled us in the past (in 2014 they said they would not be uniting their handheld and home consoles despite what we were predicting), so anything is possible! Still, it should become industry practice as Apple, Google and now Microsoft are leading the charge here and it makes good business sense, increasing buyer confidence.

I just want to go full circle and show something that will drive my idea home, and connect back to OP. Look at what Nintendo did in the past to offer a refined version of Twilight Princess. Of course it goes without saying that Nintendo spent a good amount of money in this port.

Now, with the new tech highlighted by OP, imagine that this could in theory be done by AI, making old games run faster and much nicer on a new model Switch, without requiring a generational gap. It could even accept the old cartridges for all the tech cares. We don't need to agree, just put it in your pipe for a bit and let it masserate.

Last edited by padib - on 06 August 2020