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curl-6 said:
padib said:

Again you missed the point entirely. The dev highlights the importance the hardware gap has on the ability to have games be supported across the two devices.

It's not something I really need to explain to you or support, so I'm being very patient about it. It's patently obvious to be honest with you.

The higher the hardware gap, the harder it is to support the hardware with the same software. So, my post just supports that platitude.

If you want to contradict it until the sun implodes, have fun, but I'm out. 

Methods like smart delivery + cloud saves, (and backwards compatibility) work just as well across a normal generational gap, as Xbox One and Xbox Series X demonstrate. The user's software, save data, NNID, etc carries over seamlessly to the next gen device with no need at all for smartphone-like soft successors.

Yes, but the game must be developed independently for both if the gap is too big, I thought I clarified that to you when I quoted the japanese dev, and you also know that apps can only be supported up to a certain version of smartphones unless they are upgraded. As the gap gets greater, so does the ability of software to stay compatible on all machines.

Anyway, here is the quote I was looking for:

Last slide here: