I'm not okay with torturing living creatures, especially mammals for any kind of scientific research.

I'm very unhappy about the propect of transhumanism, and the general technological trends of the world which make us lose touch of nature and of instinctive emotions.

I am very unhappy about the irresponsibility of people and the subsequent abortions that are done so easily now, with containers full of dead baby parts. It's a nightmare. While I understand the ultra-small minority of cases that actually need it, it's being used as a crutch for irresponsibility and that's a problem because it leads to the murder of many little humans.

I find intolerance of any kind immoral, be it hating someone because of their race, their sex, their religion, their culture or anything else about their identity unless it's reprehensible, like human sacrificing. Though hating a person for practicing such a thing is wrong, hating the act is fine.

I'm against the death penalty but I understand why it exists.

I consider lying, stealing and hateful aggression immoral, because it affects my conscience, that's why I avoid doing them.

Where I am much more liberal is with sex, I believe that our society is too repressive about it in everything except media (ads, hollywood, music) and so it confuses a lot of people about a healthy sexual lifestyle, in all aspects of life. Having said that, I think that pornography in its current state is absolutely unhealthy and is almost fully disconnected from real sexuality.