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Jaicee said:
RolStoppable said:
I am unsure about polygamy because it depends on how it is defined. There are couples who agree that it's okay that one or both of them can have sex with different people, and that's okay in my book because those people are honest with each other. So if all parties involved in polygamy consent, then I couldn't be bothered to object to such a lifechoice because I don't see how that would harm anyone.

You're thinking of polyamory. Polygamy refers to one man marrying multiple women, i.e. a structurally unequal marital relationship.

Well, I was thinking of marriage. The question was if it's defined in the style of the Middle East where a man can have a harem with obeying women or if it would be a marital version of polyamory. The latter doesn't exist in legal form in first world countries, but hypothetically, if it would become legal, would it be morally acceptable. I'd say yes in that case, but if polygamy exclusively concerns the former definition, then no.

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