twintail said:
JRPGfan said:

7 years out, and its still tracking ahead of the PS2 though.

If they had enough stock left, they could do a price drop.
Sadly, supposedly they dont. So its not likely to happend.

I wonder why they didn't produce more, and then lower prices, PS4 could have gone to higher heights if they had.

Because they don't believe the increase in hardware sales will provide an increase in hardware revenue/ profit. 

They are clearly ok with sales as they are.

And why don't they believe that?

More PS+ subscribers is already enough reason to drop that price.

I can understand the PS3 as it was never that popular and PS+ was still small there, but now most sales come from PSN, and having a PS4 give people access to a whole lot of games to buy there.

I can't see why not just do it.