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Naum said:
Yeah this is my favorite fantasy series.
Started to read this series in 1993 at 13 year old.. last book came out in 2013..I was 33 when it was done :)
Sadly I am a bit dissapointed with a few of the casting choices, can always hope I'm wrong.

I saw Moraine's actress is 41 years old, which surprised me. Because I was under the impression that she was younger than that, but I see now that she's supposed to be 22 years older than Rand, so that checks out. I always pictured her in her 20s for some reason.

And I first read this back in 2001 or so I believe. But I've only read a couple of books, because I knew it was far from finished so I put it on hold.

Last edited by Hiku - on 03 August 2020