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GamingRabbit said:
shikamaru317 said:


A Q1 2023 Switch 2 at $300-350 should have something like 2.5-3 tflops GPU docked, (...)

Would already be too low in my opinion to be honest.

What I not only expect but demand from a switch two is to deliver the same performance or more than the rumored XBox Lockhart when docked,

and around halve undocked.

HOW it is done doesnt matter much to me, as long AS it is done.

This could also mean, that the hardware inside the switch two alone is not capable of doing so, but combined with suplementary hardware inside the dock

it would work. (Which would make the Switch 2 an actuall hybrid btw, unlike Switch 1)

With Lockhart, Nintendo has the unique chance of getting full 3rd party support (not just indies and medium japanese games)

despite having compearativly much weaker hardware. And Nintendo would be stupid to pass up on this upportunity.

I'd think it would take them another 1-1.5 years to get to be able to get that same 4 tflop as Lockhart for $300-350 in a handheld form factor (so 2024 or early 2025), and I doubt Nintendo wants to wait that long, the sooner they get Switch 2 out, the sooner they can start getting 3rd party multiplat support again. If the 4 tflop Lockhart is designed for playing next-gen games at 1080p as rumored, with the same graphical settings as Series X plays them at 4K, then I think that Switch 2 should be able to play those same games with the same graphical settings at 720p with 2.5-3 tflop, then DLSS them up to 1440p, which would look nearly the same as native 1440p. The only potential problem is that MS may start using the AMD version of DLSS that they are supposedly co-developing with AMD. 

Now Nintendo reviving their concept for the SCD, supplemental computing device, a dock with a 2nd Switch 2 chip inside of it that can work in conjuction with the first chip, that could happen I guess, but I kind of suspect that Nintendo never really managed to get their SCD concept to work the way they wanted it to, or else they would have release an SCD dock for Switch 1.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 30 July 2020