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Hiku said:

New screenshot

From what I can make out, the battle menu options are:

Run away
Auto battle

Mar1217 said:
If the game manages to come at some point on every platforms.

Already reached the Kickstarter goal for consoles.
Though currently that means PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch 2.
If there is no Switch 2 by the time of release, they'll either go through the major challenge of downgrading and re-coding the game for Switch 1, or refund backers that wanted a Nintendo version.

*post about porting to switch if no switch 2*

That is really interesting. I'll probably be playing it on PC, but in today's landscape the two homes for this game on consoles is Switch and Playstation, since jRPGs really have their audiences there. Even more on the Switch line since that console is enjoying that type of game and people have Switches for those games, around the world but especially in Japan.

Therefore, it would be very important for them to use the funding to push the Switch version, even if there is no Switch 2 on the horizon, because the game would likely do well enough on the Switch to cover costs and make a good dime.